A Little About Medic-Alert Service Dogs (MASD)
Medic Alert Service Dogs can be any size, type, color, etc. They are dogs that will ALERT you to a medical problem. Each dog does the alerting in their own way. Some MASD's (Medic Alert Service Dog) will bark, nibble on you, lick you, and generally do everything within their power to tell you to pay attention, they are trying to tell you,"you have a problem that needs taken care of NOW." 
A dog that is "trained to alert", really isn't trained to alert at all, the owner is trained to understand the dogs actions. Once the owner understands the dog's actions, then the owner can react and praise the dog, hence, making the dog understand that what he/she did was correct. Just as you would do in teaching your dog to sit on command. Not all dogs will make a MASD. The attitude of the dog towards its owner and environments are the key. By environment, I mean things like, is the dog the only animal in the house? Does the dog live 24/7 with its owner, or is it kept outside and only comes inside for short periods. Does the dog ignore other people and animals when going for a walk with its owner? And by attitude, I mean, does the dog live only for attention om the owner? Or is the dog ignoring the owner? A MASD is "glued" to its owner. For some people, that is too much, and they are not able to tolerate the dog always near them, usually touching them in some manner. Not only that, but the dog must want to smell you, your ears, nose, eyes, mouth, etc. And that includes licking those areas. Not everyone would allow their dog to do that. Let me give you some examples of MASD's and what they are doing to help their owner: 
Owner had a problem with his thumb. It has nerve damage, so he doesn't have any feeling in it, but some days the pain in that area is very intense. His dog will continuously lick his thumb in a massaging manner on those days that it is painful. Doing this reduces the pain. He is so used to the pain that at first it didn't click with him what the dog was doing. Now he knows. 
Owner takes medicine for a mental condition, when she starts getting loud, she needs her medicine. Her dog will find that medicine and bring it to her without her even realizing she needs the pills. When this happened while having a session with her mental health doctor it blew him away. She had never taught the dog to do this; it was just natural for the dog because he was much attuned to his owner and her needs. 
Owner has lung problems, when the dogs owner needs to take medicine, the dog will start nibbling on her lower lip until she takes her medicine. He then ignores her mouth. 
A rape victim has issues with people (any body) crowding in her "space".  Her dog's only job, (in this case an English Mastiff) is to simply sit between the victim and the person she is having a conversation with. 
These are just a few examples; the list could go on and on. If you contact me, I would be glad to discuss your needs. 
    I am a mother of 2 terrific kids. My son, David is the oldest. He served our country in the US Army. He has been to Iraq and Korea. He was honorably discharged on an injury received while in Iraq. I am very proud to say that I am the mother of a soldier. 
   My daughter Sammi Jo (Click her name for her youtube channel) is a phenomenal animal communicator/trainer. She never ceases to amaze me with her adventures. She is blessed with a very unique gift when it comes to working with animals. 
   Me?.. Well I'm just a mom. I used to raise horses and mules. Life changes have sent me in a different direction. I still have a few for eye candy tho! 
   I raise Toy and miniature Australian Shepherds, Corgis, Auggies, and soon Cowboy Corgis. My dogs are raised to be suitable Medic Alert Service Dogs and family companions. 
  My barnyard critters consist of a fw Jersey and Jersey/Shorthorn cross milk cows. With their milk I raise Angus cross bottle calves and American Guinea Hogs. I recently ventured into raising Wagyu Cattle.
        I love to hunt and be out with nature. My farm is located in Eastern Oregon. Spring and Fall are my favorite times of year. The new birth of spring from animals to foliage is a never ending source of wonder for me. I will never be bored while witnessing the birth of a new foal or calf. The amazing colors produced when there is a bite in the air, come fall, are stunning. The thrill of the hunt is only understood by those who have experienced it themselves. It cannot be described by mere words. It must be felt first hand. I respect the animals I hunt. 
    My hunting partner is also my partner in life. Together we share the same feelings about so many things. We became a team New Year's Eve 1992. Bill and I are made for each other. 
    I love the lifestyle I live and it thrills me when I can share part of my efforts with others whether it be an new puppy for the family, or a critter for the barnyard or freezer. 
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