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My boys are banded, dehorned and tagged at 30 days old. Any sooner is too stressful. I want them to have the best possible start on life I even give them a ball to play with in their pen!
I have several steers at various ages from weaned and up. e-mail for availability
Posted prices subject to change as calves age. Please contact me for updated pricing. Calves are naturally raised on alfalfa and grain hay. they have access to a protein/mineral lick and room to romp.
~Deposits (10% on baby calves and 20% on weaned calves), on any and all calves are non-refundable unless pre-weaned calf become sick or dies before pick up.
~All sales final, it is understood by the buyer that they are purchasing a live animal that has been observed and agreed to appearance of health as presented on day of sale.
~ $3.00/day board for weaned calves on payment plan, effective at deposit
No heifers currently available
I currently do not have any steers available.
When I do I will post what is available.
They will be Angus dairy cross. These are nice calves, combining the frame of a Holstein, the great energy conversion (from grass/hay to protein) of the Jersey and the gain beefiness and marbling of the Angus make these an economical and delicious beef steer. I will go by current market prices similar to the example below. 
These boys are examples of what my calves look like,
Fuzzy winter coats!