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My boys are banded, dehorned and tagged at 30 days old. Any sooner is too stressful. I want them to have the best possible start on life I even give them a ball to play with in their pen!I have several steers at various ages from weaned to ready to butcher. e-mail for availability
Posted prices subject to change as calves age. Please contact me for updated pricing. Calves are naturally raised on alfalfa and grain hay. they have access to a protein/mineral lick and room to romp.
My heifers are kept on milk for 150 days.  I will accept deposits on younger heifers. All my heifers are bottle raised. They are dehorned at 30 days of age. 
Posted prices do not include state required testing or Brand inspection for transport out of Oregon.
 They will be Bangs vaccinated when I can co-ordinate it with another group from the dairy going to the vet, it will be included in posted price at that time (sometime between 4 - 8 months of age) otherwise it will be done at time of out of state veterinary requirements. There is a mandatory 4 day hold for TB tests and a deposit (non-refundable unless test come back positive) will be required before testing is done. 
No heifer/bull twin heifers will be sold as breedable. they will be listed with the steers and tagged accordingly. No bangs will be done on those heifers. They will be available young enough (60-90 days), so buyer can do the testing if desired to see if they are sound for breeding. Those heifers will be priced as beef grass calves. 
~No guarantees beyond day of sale on health or future milk production. I can give info on mother's production but cannot predict her calf's future production with certainty! Feed, environment, disposition and age all play a part in milk production. I want to produce the best possible family milk cow prospect, that is why I keep the heifers until 5 months old and on cows milk during that time. 
~Thanks for looking! 
~ For more info please click the button at the top of the page and send me an e-mail!
~Deposits (10% on baby calves and 20% on weaned calves), on any and all calves are non-refundable unless pre-weaned calf become sick or dies before pick up.
~All sales final, it is understood by the buyer that they are purchasing a live animal that has been observed and agreed to appearance of health as presented on day of sale.
~ $3.00/day board for weaned calves on payment plan, effective at deposit
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Wilma is a very feminine girl with nice bone structure. She was born 8/19/2015 Her mother entered the barn at the dairy as a first timer and has been very nice to work with. She has been bred to Indigo and is Due 7/10/17.  $1500  Price good until 6/15/17. After she calves she will remain here to be milked and bred back. She will then be available in milk, bred back and with or without graft calves. (1 or 2 will depend what I have available at the time) 
Belmont is a Holstein X Jersey steer. Ready May 2017 $3.00/pound rail weight + butcher fees
Hugo is a Holstein X Jersey steer $650 SOLD
Fandango is a Holstein X Jersey steer $1000 Ready to butcher fall 2017
I will have a 3 steers ready to butcher in April/May 2017. 1/2 or whole estimated whole carcass weight to be 500-600# Price will be $3.00 /pound hanging weight you pay processing. Deposit required before going to the butcher ($250 for 1/2 $500 for whole) . Balance due before pick up. Processing is .50/pound cut and wrap + kill fee will be done at Boston's Beef House in Ontario, OR  2 spring butcher steers still available
I have several grass steers available
1 - 600# Angus/Jersey $900
2 - 500# Holstein/Jersey $700
1-400# Limousin/Jersey, $700
 Also 8 more steers ranging from 90 days to 10 months.  
 7 - Holstein/Jersey $350 - $600
(vary from 1/2 - 3/4 jersey)
1 - 250# jersey $250
Pictures soon!