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Coming Soon! 
Emma currently has a litter of 7 Auggies born Thanksgiving Day 2019! They will be ready to go 1st week of February 2020 (Pictured below)
Julie is with Wrangler. 
This will be her first litter of Auggies. Should be due  early March 2020 (Confirmed!)
Lisa will be exposed to Oliver for  spring litter. Estimated due date to be announced 
Available Puppies
Oliver is my Corgi sire
Wrangler is my Auggie sire 
unless otherwise noted
Puppy Prices
Males $600    Females $800
Males $500    Females $600
Merles add $100 
Very tiny puppies "micros"
(under 10# adults)add $100
Contact me here
No Puppies currently available
Check back in June or contact me on Facebook for updates