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Exciting news! My son Dave will be raising AKC registered German bred Rottweilers. Both of his parent dogs are Service dogs. Gretchen, his female has her CGC and is a full fledged Service dog and Barrett is working towards his CGC and going to go on to become a Therapy dog. Now is your opportunity to purchase an awesome Rotty!
Females ~ AKC Full priveleges $  ~  Pet Price $
Males  ~  AKC Full Priveleges $  ~  Pet Price $
Payments can be arranged. No Puppy leaves until paid in full.
Paypal accepted. Checks must clear before puppy leaves.  
I will work  with those in need of a service dog. (Certain Conditions apply)
email me
 Pick of the litter choices will be given in order of deposit ($200) received. (1/2 deposit will get you in on pick of the litter with the balance of the deposit when puppy is picked.) Deposits will be accepted any time. Paypal preferred, Checks must clear before being added to list. 
Click pedigree to view larger version
Click pedigree to view larger version
Our rotties are our kids. Our main focus is to get service dogs to folks who NEED them. Prices posted above are pet/breeding price. Please contact me and talk to me about your needs for a great service dog that can provide AMAZING services a lot of people never even thought of. The prices posted are NOT service dog prices, and I will not post any service dog prices. Do you have a family member in a wheel chair and cannot afford an electric power chair? These dogs LOVE to work. They can pull your wheel chair all day long. I am a disabled vet. Being in public places with a lot of people bothers me bad. My female creates a buffer between myself and people. She just watches and wants to know who is doing what. Someone like me, with anxiety problems, they will turn your focus to them to play with your hands or what ever their "thing" is. Been abused in one way or another? Again, the breed has the reputation there, people don't crowd you. Just want the most loyal family member? Guess what, nobody is going to come into your yard and nab your kid when they have their best friend like this with them. 
If you are looking for a family pet or Quality Breeding dog, Prices posted above are for breeders or PETS!!!! 
Service/therapy/companion friends you will have to contact me personally. I will NOT disclose prices for those clients as they are on an individual situation. Everybody needs something different, and has a different income. I also have guidelines that need to be followed. Please contact me with any questions. 
This page is a connect page now They have a Facebook page you can view: "Stohler's German Rottweilers" I was just helping them get started.
Click on each puppy's set of pictures for larger version in slide show format.  (when they arrive!)
Click on the gallery above to view a slide show of Gretchen's and Barrett's great first litter.
Dahlia ~ (red) ~ Female ~ SOLD ~ Michelle H.
Ivy ~ (lime) ~ Female ~ SOLD ~ Polo G.
Jasmine ~ (tan) ~ Female ~ SOLD ~ Gaby L
Lily ~ (yellow) ~ Female SOLD Lisa S.
Orchid ~ (teal) Female SOLD Jennifer W.
Violet ~ (purple) ~ Female SOLD Autumn H.
Balsam ~ (black) ~ Male ~ SOLD!
Juniper ~ (brown) ~ Male  SOLD ~ Maggie P.
Sage ~ (dark green) ~ Male ~ SOLD! ~ Katie S.
Thistle ~ (blue) ~ Male ~ SOLD!
All the boys have been sold, just waiting on choices!
Only 2 girls left!! Waiting on choices.