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ASDR/NSDR Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherd pricing
Males                                                              Females
Mini $650 ~ Toy $700 ~ *Micro $800             Mini $700 ~ Toy $800 ~ *Micro $900
Registered price include full breeding rights 
Puppies with natural bob-tails add $50 Blue Merles add $100 
Pet Prices (no papers)
Males                            Females
Mini $450 ~ Toy $500 ~ *Micro $600      Mini $500 ~ Toy $600 ~ *Micro $700 

Papers may be obtained later for the full price balance, if you change your mind. 
Puppies with natural bob-tails add $50   Blue Merles add $100 

*Micro-Minis are my definition of very small toys. It is not an official breed standard definition. They will be identified at 6 weeks of age unless both parents are 10" or less (estimated height at 10" or less as an adult.) 
Toy prices will be honored on micros not of micro parents if deposit is received before 6 weeks of age.  
Advertised PET prices will be negotiable on puppies over 12 weeks of age.
 Full breeding rights registered prices are firm.
Payment options are as follows:
  ~ Cash in full is always good! ~ Checks must clear before puppy leaves. ~ PayPal ~ Payment arrangements to suit your budget. ~ $100 Non-Refundable Deposit will hold your choice with acceptable payment arrangements. ~ Trades are possible, tell me what you have to trade.
Your puppy will come with the following:
Personalized vaccination record ~ Sample of recommended Food ~ A variety of my recommended treats ~ A toy ~ My written guarantee ~ Registration paperwork if purchased as registered. ~ I will also offer advice from my personal experience for various issues.
Please be sure to visit my Policy and Guarantee page and my FAQ's page
When litters are listed each puppy will have its own slideshow of pictures as it grows. When a puppy is chosen it will be marked "Sale Pending" until a deposit is received. It will then be marked "SOLD". You can click on the gallery to view the pictures. No further pictures will be added to sold puppies. They will be sent in private correspondence to the new "parents". 
Current puppies available and planned pairings. 
(Confirmed matings will have estimated due dates)
Littermates! Mini ~ Toy ~ Micro

Parvo is spread through feces of infected dogs and typically affects the gastrointestinal tract and circulatory system, suppressing the immune system. A vaccine is available and has been given to your puppy, but puppies are not fully protected against the virus until 7 to 10 days after they’ve had all three injections (initial vaccine and two booster shots). THIS MEANS BY 16 WEEKS OF AGE

Until then, veterinarians recommend owners keep puppies away from areas where large amounts of dogs congregate, like doggie day cares and dog parks,  Pet Stores etc. Even vet clinics can and are a source of picking up parvo on your shoes or hands, petting dogs that are there for routine treatments or any other seemingly harmless actions can result in the devastating illness. Socialization with other dogs and people can wait (in my opinion) until they have completed their vaccination series.
Miss Bella 
(Cinch X Wrangler) 
has earned her CGC (Caninie Good Citizen) at less than one year old! 
She's now working on agility!

I am located in Oregon not far from Boise ID airport. I will meet there for carry on travel.
Please include Facebook contact info, I will not reply without it. 
I'm tired of spammers!
Contact Us
Concho has 4 girls for his spring court. Top Left: Jazzy, Top Center Kessi Top Right: Uno, Bottom Right Rhoda.
Approximate due dates will be added as they happen. 
Wrangler Has 3 girls to take care of this spring. Left: Julep, Center: Bosal, Right :Cinch, 
Estimated due dates will be added
Amigo is romancing 3 girls for spring litters. Estimated due dates will be added as they happen.
Left: Fiona, Center: Gyp, Right: Tumbleweed
Poco will be working on a couple litters of micro Aussies
Left Hanna, Right: Jaquima
The above Pairings are all subject to successful matings. 
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Pick of the litter policy
1 ~ Pick of the litter is given in order deposits are received. 
2 ~ Deposited people get personally notified when pregnancies are confirmed. 
3 ~ I then post a simple birth announcement on my Facebook page
3 ~ After those choices are made I post available puppies on my Facebook page.for those following or watching.
4 ~ At 6 weeks of age I then post available puppies on here.
If no puppies are posted, none are available.