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This page has information about my cattle and available individuals and opportunities to purchase on the hoof to finish yourself or home grown beef by the 1/2 or whole, processed locally.
Featuring F1  Japanese Wagyu
Angus Dairy cross.
Check back early 2022 for available steers
Rockin C Hangin W Cattle
F1 Wagyu X Jersey/Shorthorn heifer
F1 Wagyu $7/# 
F1 Angus $5.50/#
Price based  on hanging weight
Includes Butcher fees
Sold as whole or ½
$200 deposit per ½
Balance due before pick up
Payments can be arranged based on estimated total. Must be paid in full before pick up.
Price subject to change based on current market. Deposit locks in price quoted at time of deposit received. 
F1 means ½
The sire will be Wagyu
The mother could be Jersey, Jersey/Shorthorn, Angus/Jersey, Angus Jersey/Holstein.
These are calves born here from my cows.
The sire will be Angus
The mother will be Jersey or Jersey/Holstein. 
This cross will be calves I get from the dairy to bottle raise or graft onto nurse cows.
Weights will range from 550# - 750# for whole carcass.
Calves stay with their mothers and grow on pasture their first summer. Weaned at around 7 +/- months.
Wintered on good quality hay and have access to protein supplement lick tubs.
They will run on native dryland grass pasture their second summer. 
120 days before scheduled process date they will be put on a custom finishing ration of local rolled COB (Corn, Oats,Barley) and high quality alfalfa hay. 
On a personal note, these are raised with care and literal love. Some as mentioned were bottle babies which means I have a rather maternal connection to them. Some love being scratched and petted. Yes I get a bit emotional "when the time comes" but I also know they were raised for a purpose and that means I am providing high quality beef for families. You will be getting beef that was raised with kindness and very minimal stress. My mother cows all have names. (I have learned it's much easier to part with the boys if they don't have names! They still have affectionate numbers)
F1 Wagyu Jersey
​Angus X Jersey/Holstein
F1 Wagyu x Angus/Jersey/Holstein
F1 Wagyu x Angus/Jersey/Holstein
F1 Wagyu Jersey
F1 Wagyu Jersey
F1 Wagyu Jersey
F1 Wagyu x Jersey
Fullblood Wagyu
F1 Wagyu x Angus/Jersey/Holstein
Fullblood Wagyu
Fullblood Wagyu
Fullblood Wagyu
Fullblood Wagyu
​Angus X Jersey/Holstein
​Angus X Jersey/Holstein
3/4 Wagyu x 1/4 Jersey