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Your puppy will come with the following:
AKC registration Application ~ Personalized Vaccination Record ~ My Puppy guarantee ~ A sample of my recommended puppy food ~ A variety of my recommended treats ~ A couple fun toys ~ My personal experience advice for different issues. Lifetime Helpline, I'll do my best to answer any questions!
Prices will vary depending on SIZE, COLOR/MARKINGS, and GENDER. 
Generally Males start at $450 and Females start at $550 They go up from there.
Payment options are as follows:
~Cash in full is always good! ~ Checks (must clear before puppy leaves)  
~ Visa, M/C and Paypal (Subject to 3% convenience fee) 
Click for items I may consider in trade
~ 20% Non-Refundable Deposit will hold with acceptable payment arrangements. 
Puppy does not leave until paid in full. 

email me
The puppy profiles are SLIDESHOWS!  Click on each puppy's pictures to view larger images!
All prices Full AKC unless otherwise noted 
Just WHAT is a Pomeranian? Click here
The pomeranians below, are over 6 months old and are available for those who can't or don't want to deal with "puppy" issues! Vaccinations are complete with exception of rabies. They are all ready for spay, neuter or breeding*. They are well adjusted and happy dogs. 
I will occasionally have a retired breeder** deserving a lap of their very own!  Prices on Adults are somewhat negotiable.
*unless specifically priced as "Pet Only" 
**Retired females must be spayed unless otherwise noted. 
AKC papers will not be released until proof of spaying received on retired females.
When I retire a female she is not to be bred again. I do sometimes have females that don't quite fit my program and I will sell her as a breeder. It will be clearly stated when I retire a female!

This page was last updated: April 21, 2016
Puppies marked "Sale Pending" will be held in "pending" state until deposit is received. I will hold a Pending puppy for 1 week after choice is made. If I have not received a 20% NR deposit in that time, puppy will be back on the open listing. Puppy will be marked "SOLD" once deposit is received but remain on this page until it is paid in full. Full AKC Breeding rights prices are firm. Pet prices may be negotiated on puppies over 12 weeks old. Puppy may be purchased at pet price with the option of making up the difference within 6 months to be able to register puppy with full breeding rights. 

Please see my "Policy and Guarantee" page.
Below are the planned matings. Keep checking for breeding/whelping dates.
*Waiting list and color/gender choices
         Name                    Color                             Gender                           Deposit Y/N
 1 ~   

*These are people who have contacted me with requests for certain specific qualities in a puppy. They will be notified soon as a litter is born with a potential match. If a deposit has been received they will move to the top of the list with first choice in the order deposit is received. These people will also get first notification of litter births with a peek at pictures before they are posted just in case there is something that catches their eye beyond what they have specified. Don't miss out! Get your "order" placed now!
Keep checking for litter announcements. 
Pairings have been made, now just waiting for heats and confirmations of pregnancies. 
Tequila and Marbles hopeful for a litter early spring
Satin and Smiley will hopefully have a litter this spring. Satin has  yet to  have  puppies
Milkyway and Ricky should have a litter early spring