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These are the working girls of Cross J Critters! They will provide milk for other critters, Calves, Pigs, Goats, and more. 
all my cows originated from the dairy I am fortunate to be able to milk at. The 2 older girls were fantastic girls at the dairy but due to no fault of their own, they didn't get bred back when they should have and there is no room for part time milk producers. They had to be "culled" I feel blessed to have been able to bring them to Cross J Critters! The rest I am proud to say I have either bred or acquired as babies and raised from birth as bottle calves. 
Dingy is my #1 Milk cow. She arrived to Cross J in June 2013. She is a sweet cow and easily takes calves! Her milk will be used to raise calves and pigs. She provides lots of that rich creamy milk that Jersey's are famous for! She raised 15 calves in 2014 She is full Jersey.
Cows and Heifers
  (not for sale)
Goat is my #2 cow. She became a Cross J member in May of 2014. She is my little "super" cow! She is an incredible milk producer for such a small cow! She too will provide milk for other barnyard babies. She is a   full blood Jersey. 
Sadly Goat is no longer with us but she will never be forgotten.
Scarlet is a 7/8 Jersey/Holstein cross Heifer. She will have the same job as her adopted mom Dingy (above) She was born 4/20/2013 Her mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother are all great cows on the dairy I milk for. I'm fortunate to have her! She has proven to be an awesome cow!
This is GG (Goat's Girl)  She was born 3/5/2015 They don't get much prettier! Very excited and pleased with this color changing little girl! Believe it or not, she is a full blood Jersey! We are hoping she has a Wagyu embryo in her for 2017!

Indigo is Blue (neighbors Corriente bull) and Scarlet's son. He is going to be my  herd  sire. He's  1/2 Jersey and  1/2 Corriente. Pictured here at just 4 months old. He will produce dual purpose offspring. His daughters will be fabulous family milk cows or nurse cows, capable  of raising multiple calves at a time. His sons will be great beef steers for a family.
Tinkerbell was such a tiny baby! She only weighed around 30 pounds at birth!  you  can see that at 5 months of age she has gained quite a bit! Her mother has been a sweetheart  at the dairy. She is mostly Jersey with a dash of Holstein way back there.. I didn't intend to keep her but she has somehow wiggled her way into my heart! So for now she will stay  here. She has been implanted with a Wagyu embryo!
Shakira is Goat's granddaughter. I   had planned  to  sell her, but something exciting  came up and  hopefully  will prove to be an  interesting  and  educational venture. (and hopefully profitable) she is going to be a recipient for  an embryo transfer of a  purebred Wagyu. I have teamed up with a Wagyu breeder to provide recipient cows for his purebred  embryos. This should be interesting! So for now, I  will  keep  her as a milk/nurse cow.
The Bull!
Sophia stayed here long enough to become a Wagyu embryo recipient girl! She's a very pretty girl and I have pretty high expectations for her as a milk cow! She will calve along with the rest of the embryo recip cows in April of 2017