Cross J Critters Puppy Guarantee
  • You have just purchased a wonderful addition to your family!  My goal is to raise healthy, happy, well adjusted puppies for families. 
  •  I will guarantee the health of your puppy from contagious disease for 2 weeks (3 days for Parvo due to short incubation period and aggressive nature of Parvo) Veterinarian diagnosis required. If your puppy contracts a disease within that time period I will replace that puppy with one of equal value upon veterinary statement of illness and/or death and/or return of puppy. 
  • Exclusions are Hypoglycemia and Coccidia. Please see my FAQ's page for info on these 2 common issues.
  • If your puppy develops a genetic defect within 1 year of purchase, I will replace upon return of affected dog or give a 50% discount on purchase of a new dog. I know that by that time the puppy is part of your family and you may not want to give it back. It should not be bred and may not be able to work if it has a problem. You must have a veterinary statement of condition and options. Excluded in this guarantee is luxating patellas and collapsing tracheas. Because both can be brought on by trauma. Luxating patellas can be caused by jumping on and off couches and other furniture or in and out of vehicles. The active stress can complicate the development or traumatize the growing joints. Collars can contribute to the collapsing trachea/reverse sneeze as can obesity. I have worked hard at keeping my lines free of these issues but cannot guarantee they won’t occur due to the possibility of being trauma induced.
  • I will not guarantee the adult size of your puppy. Toys have been downsized from an original size of about 35 pounds. It is possible, but not common to have what is known as a throwback that becomes much larger than its parents. Miniature Aussies can vary in size within the same litter from miniature to Toy. Some will grow early and others are late bloomers. I will declare weights of the parents and any known ancestors of your puppy. 
  • If you are unhappy with the size of your dog as an adult, I will offer a 25% discount of the advertised price of a new dog. 
  • I will not refund money on puppies that leave my property. (Unless a veterinarian  statement. deems puppy unfit for sale within 72 hours of purchase) If for some reason you are unable to keep the dog, (life changes) then I will do my best to help rehome. If I do take your dog back, it will have to go into isolation for the protection of my other dogs/puppies. If you get your puppy home and suddenly decide for whatever reason it isn't going to work out, the above applies. You cannot guarantee me where that puppy has been every moment since it left my property. 

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AKC - NSDR/ASDR Registration Pricing
Attention: My Adult Aussies are Dual Registered with ASDR and /or NSDR.
I price my puppies with 2 options. Registered price with full breeding rigts and Pet pricing. If papers are desired on a "pet priced" puppy it will be noted on the application that the puppy is to be registered as a pet only and no breeding rights for registered puppies are allowed. I do not require a spay/neuter contract. What you do with that puppy as an adult is your business. Registration is valuable. It proves at the very least ownership, age, and gives a discription of your dog. I take pride in my breeding program and hope my future puppy owners appreciate that! It takes a lot to get a healthy, happy, and correct breed standard puppy. I put the same effort in all my puppies and when I "Pet Price" a puppy it generally has nothing to do with the quality of the puppy regarding health. It may be a more common color, a larger/smaller size than breed standard, a less than desirable coat quality, or any other qualities outside of breed standard. (Occasionally I get a puppy with a clear genetic fault like an overbite or mis marked [Aussies] and that puppy will only be sold as a pet and should be neutered/spayed. It will not have a registered price.)  Generally I will negotiate the Pet Price males that have been here longer (12+ weeks). I will negotiate prices on any of the males desired as pets only. Don't be afraid to ask! If I feel a male will make a good breeder I will note that in the description and will be a little more reluctant to negotiate . I will occasionally run a "Price Blitz" where certain puppies will be pet priced to make room for new ones. You can expect my puppies to be healthy and current on all vaccinations. 

Full breeding rights pricing is firm any negotiating will result in "pet pricing"

 PET PRICES are reduced off the listed Full NSDR/ASDR Breeding rights price on puppies 
Puppies that have been here a while will be marked down and priced with a pet price listing. (Full price for registration still applies)

Sale Policy
Puppies marked "Sale Pending" will be held in "pending" state until deposit is received. I will hold a Pending puppy for 1 week after choice is made. If I have not received a 20% NR deposit in that time, puppy will be back on the open listing. Puppy will be marked "SOLD" once deposit is received and will be removed from the puppies available page.
NO REFUNDS IF YOUR LANDLORD SAYS NO DOGS AFTER YOU GET PUPPY HOME! I have no way of knowing where puppy has been and it must go into isolation for the protection of the rest of my dogs if it is returned. It isn't my job to ok it with your landlord. I wll only refund if a vet has deemed puppy unfit for purchase within 72 hours of purchase.
Toy and Micro Aussie buyers PLEASE READ!!! 
Very tiny puppies require special care during critical early development. The first 8 weeks they are very fragile and they can be easily lost to different types of stress, including but not limited to, high energy play, large litters (3 or more), first time mommies, mom's personality and motherability, ability to process solid foods and so on. I am sometimes reluctant to let these tiny guys go before they are 9-10 weeks old. Decision will be made on an individual basis.

I will give you a list of advised activities and protocol for your tiny friend. It will be up to you to follow it faithfully for the best possible outcome for your puppy. Even with the best treatment sometimes a vet is required.
Consequently the extra effort, time, and feeding requirements dictates a solid price. Most of the smaller than average puppies should not be used for breeding and are sold as pets only. Please don't try to talk me down on my little people prices. I spend countless sleepless nights working at raising healthy puppies. I'm the one who feeds them supplements every 2 hours if need be so that you can have a vibrant pet. I'm also the one who cries when all efforts fail. I am a breeder, and I know that not everyone can handle the severe ups and downs that come with the job! I have done extensive research and have many years experiences to fall back on for different issues. Breeding for healthy happy dogs really is a JOB not a hobby.