Cindy, what a great little horse, thanks so much. I put 30 miles on her in the mountains and rode off by ourselves. I attached some pics and belive me it is a lot steeper than it shows. I rode her in a rope halter the whole time because she don't like a bit. I staked her out on one leg and hobbled her with no problem. The only problem we had with her is trimming her feet, or lack of. She picked her feet up good but her hooves were so hard that me or the farrier could not cut through them. We just rasped what we could. Great little mare!
Thanks again Tom

I will be adding testimonials as I can with pictures if available.  Check back for more!
This page will have excerpts from e-mails and conversations of folks that have purchased animals from me in the past.
Sammi Jo and Rowdee in a Parade when Rowdee was just 3 years old! notice no tack and carrying the flag!!
Triss and Logan winning showmanship at the Malheur County Fair. Here is an excert from an e-mail I received from them;
"These are photos of Triss and my son Logan at the fair this yr. They won their Showmanship class; Jr.7th grade & up......
Also he is at the trainers for driving lessons and has totally impressed the trainer with how smart and willing he is!"
I wanted to give you a Booger update ... Everyone that has been in contact with him
(trainer, farrier, vet, etc.) have said what a great temperament and
personality he has.
liIllustion in doing good
Melody moves VERY well. Extremely pleased w/ her 5" overreach
She thinks she is a big dog and I'm not about to tell her she is not. We just love her! ... She is a very special little girl....Everybody who sees her just loves her. I will be passing your contact info on to anybody who might be interested that I think would be a good home for a puppy. ... She is quite the critter that is for certain.

Just a quick note to let you know that I have given your name and number out to four people who want to get a pom.We are still loving ours and she is cuter every day.                  Shirley
I wanted to take a minute to say "Hey" and possibly shock you with how tall Razzle has grown. She's now a perfect 12 inches...Her looks and markings are wonderful...Anyway, Thanks again for picking the perfect girl for me!

Preston is just as cute as ever and tormenting the girls, he will be excited to have another puppy to play with I enjoyed meeting and talking with you, it's nice when people are into the same things as I am. People kind of think I am nuts with all of my animals =) I thought I would send you some pictures of feeney/preston He is having fun chasing chickens, but is afraid of the goats and peacocks
Dear Grandma,
I love my mom and dad. They have already taken me camping, bought a comfortable bed and some toys. I am happy to be here and it looks like my family loves me, too. I am a good boy, although when they leave me for a few hours home alone, I am sad and cry a little. But it is going to get better.
Except for just one accident, I have already learned not to make any mess at home. Our backyard it a much better place for that.
Please stay in touch. I love you.
Your grandson Luca.

Hey Miss Cindy!
We just wanted to send you an update on our adorable, fluffy, farty little boys! Chewy and Leo get along so well. Leo has turned out to be a firecracker! He is always growling and nipping at Chewy and Chewy just lets him do what ever he wants! Leo will grab onto Chewy's legs or tail and just go to town. They follow each other everywhere! He is just as friendly as Chewy and wants to meet and see everyone. They love the dog park and meeting new people and new dogs. Leo is becoming a hardy little monster. We keep a close eye on him, and Chewy is loving the new treat of eggs in the morning. His energy is almost always on par with Chewy's. Chewy is getting to be a little fattycakes, weighing 4.9 lbs! They are so special to us and these two "brothers" are the perfect "children for me and Lymon.Thank you again for our babies!